Message from the CEO

At the end of 2016, Daii Group Public Company Limited has acquired and officially announced the merger with Nirvana Development Company Limited. This merger is the business expansion “Beyond Synergy" or a combination of business by conjoining strengths and advantages in all aspects of the two companies together. The Company aims to entirely advance the real estate business with the purpose of escalating competitiveness. Moreover, the Company is also a fullscale real estate developer serving products and services in order to maximize the benefits to consumers.

In 2017, the Company shall focus on Living Solution that meets all customers’ living and also concentrate on new innovation. It is the first time that the strength of Daii Group Public Company Limited in terms of building technology is employed to help develop the building of Nirvana’s homes for the delivery of products to consumers with high quality and faster. Meanwhile, the Company also utilizes the advantage of Nirvana Development Company Limited in the aspect of outstanding design and understanding of target customers for developing products and services of Daii Group Public Company Limited to be interesting and better fulfill lifestyles of consumers.

In the part of real estate development, the Company shall be able to expand the group of customers to meet all demands in the business operation of real estate development, including housing develop- ment projects, homebuilding on the land of customers, and distribution of building materials, which shall make us a fully integrated Living Solution.

Over the past period, Daii Group Public Company Limited would like to thank our customers, shareholders, financial institutions, business partners, bondholders, and mass media who have trusted and strongly supported so far. The Company is committed to operating businesses based on the principles of good corporate governance with integrity for sustainable growth of the Company everlastingly.

Mr. Sornsak Somwattana

Chief Executive Officer