Policy and Overall
Business Operation

Nirvana Daii Public Company Limited (NVD) is formerly known as Daii Group Public Company Limited (DAII).

The Company was established on 22 March 1994 with an initial registered capital of THB 5 million. Later, the Company was listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) on 23 July 2015 with the registered capital of THB 130 million and paid-up capital of THB 130 million.

On 17 December 2016, the Company has received the transfer of all shares of Nirvana Development Company Limited ("Nirvana") and the Entire Business Transfer of Nirvana by increasing the registered capital and paid-up capital from THB 130 million to THB 1,180.60 million.

As the Company’s securities were listed on the MAI since 23 July 2015 and afterwards the Company submitted a request to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)

for an approval of listing NVD’s securities on the SET, the SET considered and had an opinion that NVD was fully qualified according to the SET’s regulations, Bor.Jor./Ror.01-00 Re: Listing of Ordinary Shares or Preferred Shares as Listed Securities, B.E.2558 (2015). Therefore, the SET has resolved to approve NVD’s securities in an amount of 1,380,599,978 shares with a par value of THB 1 per share, totaling of THB 1,380,599,978, to be traded on the SET and categorized into a property and construction industry, property development sector, by using the existing trading symbol, “NVD”, since 24 May 2018 onwards.

As of 31 December 2021, the Company currently operates a real estate development for sale, including a land development for sale, both inside and outside of land development projects, a development of residential real estate projects such as single homes, townhomes, home offices, and condominiums.

In addition, the Company also operates a home construction business to clients, both in the Company’s land development projects and a joint development project with the land owners (Turnkey Solution), villas, dormitory, and gas station, together with the sales of construction materials manufactured by the Company, including precast fences, prefabricated pillars – beams - concrete slabs. Besides, the Company also started a construction and launched an opening of the Company's first Park and Ride building in Soi Choei Phuang, nearby MRT Chatuchak station and BTS Mo Chit station, in order to generate the Company’s recurring income, enabling the Company to be a fully-integrated residential real estate developer.

Policy and Objectives of
the Company’s operation

In 2021, the Company has objectives of the business operation as follows;

Objectives of the business operation :

The Company focuses on the launch of projects with high potentials by studying market conditions and consumers’ needs carefully. The number of units and projects will be determined in accordance to the needs of consumers based on the information of sales and marketing. The Company concentrates on marketing channels that generate the most effective and interesting content. Due to the uncertain and volatile economic situation this year, the Company pays attention to disciplined sales management, construction, and finance.
The Company has a plan to expand its investment under a new concept of "Turnkey Solution", which is a joint investment with land owners or landlords. According to a joint investment in a format of Turnkey Solution, the Company will entirely operate a project development, including design, sales, marketing, construction, ownership transfer, and after-sales services. In this regard, Nirvana’s brand will be used by the projects in which the land owners will not have to struggle with problems and chaos, being considered as the land development to the highest potential and value-added creation of the land. The land owners will be able to recognize revenue from the land ownership transfer of customers prior to the building (made-to-order home building contract). While the Company will also be able to increase an opportunity of project development on potential locations as well.
The Company focuses on a sustainable growth and reduces income fluctuation. Therefore, the Company began operating business to generate recurring income such as a parking building, an apartment located in Soi Choei Phuang which is close to several office buildings, as well as Park and Ride spaces near MRT Chatuchak station and BTS Mo Chit station. In addition, the Company has a plan for additional investments, such as office space and retail space, in order to increase business opportunities which result in a greater variety of the Company’s income channels.

Objectives of the administration :

The Company has a policy to operate businesses with transparency and good corporate governance by disclosing information in accordance with the appropriate guidelines to create the fairness and strengthen equality between all shareholders. In addition, the Company has provided the monitoring system operated by internal and external independent auditors to ensure that the administration and operation of the Company’s businesses are accurate and transparent.